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    • Input from all Topographic Instruments, from ASCII files, from PREGEO, from DXF files

    • Solver for polygonal, celerimetric, plano-altimetric

    • Artifices for calculation of new points and Division of Areas

    • Advanced management of the CENSUATION DATABASE

    • Calibration and compensation of maps read by scanners or scanned, including the union of several raster maps and overlapping with the topographic survey

    • Advanced management and design of the PF shirt

    • Automated procedures for redevelopment with the barycentric rototranslation system

    • Wide library of Topographic Problems: Off-center, Snellius, Hansen, Intersections, triangles

    • DXF file and bidirectional connection to AutoCAD

    • Dimensioned Plan drawing with level curves, sections and profiles

    • Surveying and automatic return of building facades

    • Generate the self-made map extract in PREGEO mode and CAD mode

    • Compatibility with PREGEO10

    • Link with GOOGLE MAPS with the possibility to view the GPS survey book on the map

    • Continuous update of importing files from GPS tools of different brands and models


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